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Secrets of Los Angeles

Secrets of Los Angeles
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Price $24.95 
Model CHA23111
Manufacturer Chaosium Inc.
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A 1920’s Sourcebook for the City of the Angels

LOS ANGELES IN THE 1920s was a fast-growing, fast-moving city that encompassed all that was great and all that was rotten in America. Racial, ethnic, and religious melting pots presaged what the whole country would become by the end of the century. L.A. nonetheless clung to a veneer of White Protestantism more in line with farm-belt states in the Midwest. The newly-rich built pleasure palaces in her hills and on her beaches, while recent immigrants and the descendants of the first humans who walked the land huddled together in filthy shantytowns. These resembled the most squalid parts of the undeveloped world. Philanthropists endowed the city with impressive monuments and dreams of a utopian society, while greedy businessmen and industrialists crushed the labor movement and embroiled themselves in scandals that rocked the nation. Celebrated movie stars worked and played before the eyes of the world, while rum-runners and racketeers plied their trade behind the scenes in the land of noir, hand-in-hand with crooked cops and two-faced politicians.

Secrets of Los Angeles is an informative resource for keepers should the trail of a mystery lead their investigators to the Southland, or to base a Call of Cthulhu campaign there. Contained herein are facts, legends, and rumors of the people, places, and events that made 1920’s Los Angeles the exciting place it was. The information presented varies from trivia that the investigators would know when first stepping off the train to secrets known only to the highest echelons of alien cults. The keeper decides which is which and what lies between.

By Peter Aperlo; cover illustration by Paul Carrick; interior illustrations by Paul Carrick, Mislet Michel, and Peter Aperlo. 184 pages, illustrated, indexed. 8.5 x 11" Perfect-Bound Paperback.

ISBN 1-56882-213-8


Secrets of Los Angeles
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Secrets of Los Angeles
Secrets of Los Angeles
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 June, 2007.
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An informative resource for keepers should the lead the investigators to the California Southland, or as a base for your campaign. Here are facts, legends, and rumors of the people, places, and events of 1920ís Los Angeles.
The contents for the Secrets of Los Angeles sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu

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